For Educators:

Providing Students The Option of Adoption

AdoptED provides schools and students with free education and resources about adoption using a hands-on, interactive curriculum.

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The AdoptED Program

AdoptED curriculum is designed to address the problems of teen pregnancy and dropout rates while offering factual information on the adoption option.

AdoptED works with educators and administration in school districts and enforces state guidelines and objectives. Our free curriculum implements the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) from a variety of classes ranging from Health and other Public Service coursework.

The curriculum provides students the opportunity to learn about adoption as one option to unplanned pregnancy. AdoptED provides parameters for setting goals, decision-making, and healthy life choices.

Our goal is to introduce solutions to the problems that students are facing today and to empower them with factual information that inspires them to make positive life choices.

Students have options. When they make positive life choices, they find that they truly have the ability to plan ahead and make their dreams come true. AdoptED empowers students through education and inspires students to be successful in life as they pursue both educational and personal life goals.

Additionally, AdoptED proudly offers CPE training programs for teachers, nurses and counselors.


Example Lesson Plans

AdoptED gives teachers the opportunity to pick and choose from our curriculum and customize according to their scheduling needs.

“Types of Adoption” is a one day lesson that teaches students about domestic, intercountry, and foster care adoptions. Students compare and contrast the different types of adoption while identifying how adoption meets the needs of individuals, families, and society. Videos of real-life Gladney adoptees and adoptive families are shown to depict their personal stories.

“Choosing Parents” is a two day presentation that involves role play, walking students through the full process of adoption from the roles of birthparents, adoptive parents, and caseworkers. Hands-on activities in this lesson engage students in decision-making and critical thinking.

“Walking in My Shoes” is a one day presentation that addresses adoption from the personal viewpoints of those involved, including testimonials from adoptive parents and birthparents. The lesson focuses on empathy, decision-making, and understanding the option of adoption.

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